• National CoverageWith distribution depots throughout mainland UK we can service your vending machine needs wherever you are located.
  • Fully Managed ServiceOur team do everything for you, from replenishment of the food dispensers to cleaning and removal of food that has reached its 'use by' date.
  • Unique
    Our bespoke vending machines, wide variety of fresh food and our ability to manage the service for you all make us a unique solution for your workplace.

The Feast Point

the Feast Point system

It couldn’t be easier to use.

  • View the LCD screen for the current menu options
    the system the system
  • Make your selection
    the system
  • View 'more information' to see the ingredients, nutritional information and allergy advice together with FSA daily guidelines
    the system
  • You have a choice between 'heat to eat now' or 'chilled to take away'
    the system
  • Collect product and place in oven if selected 'heat to eat now' and press start
    the system the system

Hot Products

If you choose to ‘heat to eat now’ then the first available oven will program to the exact cooking time for the product you have purchased – please note that you can only use the ovens if you have purchased a product from your Feast Point system, keeping it clean and health and safety friendly!

Place your product in the oven and press START.
The maximum cooking time is two minutes.

Your meal will be cooked perfectly so all you need to do is enjoy! All our packaging has been made to let you safely hold your hot meal without risk of scalding – yet another great safety feature of the Feast Point.

The Rise and Rise of the High-Tech Vending Machine

Jul 18 2014