• Healthier
  • Fresh Food Vending
  • Served in Minutes
  • National CoverageWith distribution depots throughout mainland UK we can service your vending machine needs wherever you are located.
  • Fully Managed ServiceOur team do everything for you, from replenishment of the food dispensers to cleaning and removal of food that has reached its 'use by' date.
  • Unique
    Our bespoke vending machines, wide variety of fresh food and our ability to manage the service for you all make us a unique solution for your workplace.

Quality Vending Machines

Feast Point's range of high quality vending machines dispense hand-prepared hot meals, soups, breakfast products, snacks, chilled food and healthy drinks directly to the consumer. Our menu has been carefully selected for its quality and flavour and is changed every two weeks in order to ensure menu variety. All of the products in our food vending machines are dispensed in special Feast Point branded packaging, allowing the food to be hand-held even when hot.

With distribution depots across mainland UK we can service your food and drink vending requirements wherever you are located.

Our team do everything for you including replenishing, restocking, cleaning and maintaining the food dispensers.

Feast Point vending machines are custom-made and dispense high quality fresh food, healthy drinks and chilled products. This together with our fully managed automated catering service makes us a unique vending solution for your office, factory or warehouse.

The System

  • Feast Point is a unique vending machine that dispenses hot and chilled food and drink directly to the consumer.
  • Each of our hot food dispensers is designed with a digital LCD display that shows the menu, nutritional information, allergy advice, ingredients and FSA daily guidelines.
  • Every Feast Point food product includes nutritional information, allergy advice, ingredients and FSA daily guideline amounts.
  • Our food vending machines feature pre-programmed cooking times.
  • The maximum cooking time is two minutes, with the option to take the product away chilled.